Opinions I currently hold

Last updated: 31 January 2021

Below is a list of the entire corpus of opinions I am willing to defend:

  1. Affairs (i.e. A is married to B, A sleeps with C without B’s knowledge) are bad
  2. It is inherently unethical to own a BMW SUV
  3. Universities are a good thing if they are universities and a bad thing if they become vocational schools (vocational schools that are vocational schools are a good thing though) (also universities should basically be monasteries) (see here)
  4. Most people should travel less
  5. The government should in general be minimally involved in elite competition of any sort (see here)
  6. While “improve incentive structures” is a good way to improve outcomes, it has obvious limits if everyone is particularly immoral, so “improve people” is both an inescapable goal and also an almost domain-independent Pareto improvement (see here and here)

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